Parov Stelar / Wake Up Sister

Here you go, take this little funky freaky tune and have a happy day! Love this unofficial video as well. His name is Marcus Füreder aka Parov Stelar. He mixes a little jazz into house and breakbeat tunes – which should suit well both the slacker on the couch and the groover in the club. I know it works for me, and I’m kinda both those caracters (although mostly on the couch). He has heaps of cool music with this type of sound to it, you should check it out!

I’m at school. Working on my finals (or watching YouTube videos – I don’t really know..)

Parov Stelar

Parov Stelar

<3 IDA

Mikrowave / Energy

The fun thing about having parties is that you always meet someone new every damn time! At the Skrillex-party there was this one dude who started putting on some good stuff and some of it was his! Of course I had to put his music up here since his music is up our alley! So this is Eivind Falkenberg (cool name, bro) aka Mikrowave!

Check him out!

Also get ready for our weekly mixtape compilation over at !



Autolaser / Magenta HD (Original MV Promo)

What the wow? Holy what!? This guy is just, I have no words. Many good things coming his way, I’m sure. I’m positive. Hahaha what just happened here? This is so great omg.


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<3 IDA

Lars Vaular / I Min Leilighet

Fetch his new album ‘Du Betyr Meg’ over here (iTunes).

It’s Norwegian, and it’s perfect!

‘I Min Leilighet’ (‘In My Apartment’) features on Lars Vaulars new album ‘Du Betyr Meg’, (‘You Mean Me’) which is out TODAY actually. I heard this song for the first time last Friday, in my car, and I was smitten. It was on National Rap Show. This guy is often compared to Adam Tensta with his upbeat, pop-hiphop (?) sound. On this track he brought OnklP of the Oslo based rap group Jaa9 & OnklP, to spit on a verse. It works man, it works, it’s good, I’m happy.

Lars Vaular:

Du Betyr Meg

Lars Vaular

<3 IDA

Aluna George / You Know You Like It

Aluna George / You Know You Like It DOWNLOAD (Zippyshare)

Mmm mmm mm!

Cool? I most certainly think so. It’s monday again. Ueh. Now, let this song make your MONday just a little sexier, you know you need it, you know you like it! I’m doing an interview for the blog today, I’ll tell you more about it later :) Anyway, Aluna George is formed by Aluna Francis and George Reid. They actually met on the Internet! Top that.

And watch out for later, we’re posting the Kay & Gee – interviewfeature.

Aluna George:

Aluna George

<3 IDA

Memoryhouse / Minor White

….Just watch and listen.

One of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever seen. Watch the whole thing.


Happy Birthday Selma <3

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<3 IDA

Desire / Under Your Spell

Desire / Under Your Spell DOWNLOAD (Mp3ye)

Alfie mentioned the movie Drive, and posted some of the soundtrack in an earlier post. This song by Desire also features in this movie, which I have not yet seen. Everybody keeps telling me that it’s amazing, so I guess.. What am I waiting for? And this song.. aaaooohhh, so sweet!


Desire is made up of three integral members:
Megan Louise (vocals and synthesizer)
Johnny Jewel (guitar & synthesizer)
Nat Walker (drums)

Hailing from Portugal, Desire is a death/doom metal band formed in 1992.

So, yesterday was fun. I featured in a musicvideo which we are going to post here pretty soon :) It’s for the Norwegian electronic/indie band Sweet Smell Of Death. It will be ready in November, so get ready for some Ida live actioooon. (lol)


<3 IDA

Balkan Beat Box / Move It

Balkan Beat Box / Move It DOWNLOAD (Zippyshare)

Hey all!
How ’bout that podcast huh!? :D

You know, I went to mr. tattoo guy to get mah arm inked up yesterday. Little did I know the guy was a friggin MUSICWIZARD, and he showed me this stuff, which of course, I loved. It’s cool right? I CAN imagine their live shows, must be energic!

He made this badass on my arm – amazing no?

Sugar Skull Tattoo

Here’s Balkan Beat Box

Their roots are planted all around the Mediterranean rim and are based in New York. So what genre is this really? Balkan Beat Box really transcend categories (pop, electronic dance music, world, rock) by creating a new breed of 21st century music, deeply connected to their folk upbringing yet forward-thinking, which appeals to audiences across the geographical and stylistic borders. Ragga? Hip Hop? Folk? I don’t even care, it’s so awesome.

You have to check out some more:

Balkan Beat Box

<3 IDA

Lupe Fiasco / Lightwork (Feat. Ellie Goulding & Bassnectar)

Lupe Fiasco / Lightwork Feat Ellie Goulding & Bassnectar DOWNLOAD (Hulkshare)

Check this out it’s really cool!:

I think this is a cool mix of.. Well everything! Lupe Fiasco, Bassnectar and Ellie Goulding. It’s a bag of candy. Enjoy the music, and I wish you all a fantastic saturday. :)

Oh Yeah, yesterday was my birthdayparty!

I got the M83 “Hurry Up We´re Dreaming” vinyl from Alfie. LOVE IT! Can’t wait to give it a spin.
M83 Hurry Up We're Dreaming Vinyl

…I also got enough wine to get me through 2012! YAY!

Here’s what we looked like yesterday. We know you love pictures!

Ida & Maren

Vicki & Jennie

Ida & Alfie

People Party

Ida & Hanne

Ida & Mari

Hey It’s Us!
Ida & Alfie

FUN FRIDAY – Good Saturday
<3 IDA

Benga / Little Bits

Skream And Benga

Benga / Little Bits DOWNLOAD (Zippyshare)

You could hear even before this tune was made, that it was UK MADNESS! The first time I heard this one was at a dubstep club in Barcelona. It’s the first time I’ve seen people literaly kicked out of a club. It was awesome though. Here’s a small clip from that club. At the end of this video a WILD spanish guy appears, trying to give me coke. LOL! “For me? NEVEEEEEER!!”

Your No. 1 DJ Benga:

<3 IDA


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