Skrillex / Make It Bun Dem Remixed


Make It Bun Dem.

This song is played everywhere these days. It’s been heeeeaaavvvily remixed as well. You can listen to Skrillex / Make It Bun Dem (Original Mix) Over here.

I’ve been checking out a lot of these remixes lately, and here are some of my favorites!

Skrillex / Make It Bun Dem (Poisound Remix)

Skrillex / Make It Bun Dem (Alvin Risk Remix)

This is my last day in New York! I don’t wanna leave. And this is why:

Vegan Junkfood

<3 IDA

Angel Haze / New York

Angel Haze

This is mah tuuuneh!

This is so great. I love her flow wrapped around this nasty beat. It’s a total bad ass track.

Last night! Best party ever. We blasted the heeeeell outta Frognerrrrr. I had a great time.



Born in July 1991, A newcomer to the hip hop scene, she began writing at age 11 and the idea that her captions might actually be lyrics only occurred to her somewhat recently, when a friend opened her eyes to the possibility of turning her poems into raps.



Gentlemen Thieves / Grand Prix

Gentlemen Thieves / Grand Prix DOWNLOAD (Like To Download – Facebookpage).

Just thought I’d introduce you to this awesome New York band, Gentlemen Thieves. This is a new song from their soon to be released Free EP. They have some cool remixes on their Soundcloud page as well, you should check that out.

The Skrillex show yesterday was just insane. We caught the Flux Pavilion set as well, which was C.R.A.Z.Y. Glowsticks, crazy people everywhere, HUGE crowd, beer rain, moshpits. I mean, I almost got crowd killed, totally worth it, best show ever!! I also smashed my head into another dude, when I was getting my rock on. Maybe I should go to the doc and check that out lol! I was to busy dancing, so I have only three pictures. Alfie has to cover the picture part, I guess. Anyway this is what I have:

This is the first picture. It started out like this. Looking all fly and all!
Ida Hanne

This is picture number two. Enough said.
Skrillex Oslo

YEP! So that’s it.

Oh yea, and:

You’ll find Gentlemen Thieves over here:


Gentlemen Thieves

<3 IDA

Balkan Beat Box / Move It

Balkan Beat Box / Move It DOWNLOAD (Zippyshare)

Hey all!
How ’bout that podcast huh!? :D

You know, I went to mr. tattoo guy to get mah arm inked up yesterday. Little did I know the guy was a friggin MUSICWIZARD, and he showed me this stuff, which of course, I loved. It’s cool right? I CAN imagine their live shows, must be energic!

He made this badass on my arm – amazing no?

Sugar Skull Tattoo

Here’s Balkan Beat Box

Their roots are planted all around the Mediterranean rim and are based in New York. So what genre is this really? Balkan Beat Box really transcend categories (pop, electronic dance music, world, rock) by creating a new breed of 21st century music, deeply connected to their folk upbringing yet forward-thinking, which appeals to audiences across the geographical and stylistic borders. Ragga? Hip Hop? Folk? I don’t even care, it’s so awesome.

You have to check out some more:

Balkan Beat Box

<3 IDA

Interviewed: Ivan Muhar

Ivan Muhar is a music Producer, remixer and DJ stationed in New York. He har been producing for eight years, and we thought it would be cool to get to know him a little better by digging a little deeper into his personality, and show you some of his music. He is a little mystical, and does not want to expose himself in pictures right now. Not yet, he tells us.

Ivan Muhar

David Guetta + Avicii / Sunshine (Ivan Muhar Remix)

- One of the most played songs in the clubs right now in USA.

David Guetta + Avicii / Sunshine (Ivan Muhar Remix) DOWNLOAD (Soundcloud)

Ivan Muhar

Full name: Ivan Muhar

Age: 26

What inspires you? A Good Wine ;)

What have you got in your pockets today? My Blackberry, My Ipod and my wallet.

How do you go by when making a song? It’s hard defining how I make a song. I´m an instrument of my ideas, I go to my studio and I am driven by what comes to my head and heart.

What software du you use when producing? Fl Studio, Protools.

Any upcoming projects? My first Ep with 5 tracks called LimeLight.

How did you get where you are today? Hard work and dicipline.

What’s your motto? Do not feel defeated, not even when defeated.

As a child, what job did you want? I wanted to be a soldier, and I did become one, I’m a Army Lieutenant retired.

Who are your influences? Wolfgang Gartner, Dada Life, Afrojack.

What’s your dream? To win a Grammy!

Ivan Muhar

Kaskade / Raining (Ivan Muhar Remix)

Your ideal woman? All… Lol!

Your most-prized possession? My Dog.
Your favourite artist?

Describe yourself with three words: Disciplined, proud and perfectionist.

Your favourite noise? Waves.

Your favourite swearword? Hijueputa!

What do you always have with you? My BlackBerry

What’s your favourite song? All Back – Chris Brown

Ivan Muhar on:

Ivan Muhar Crowd


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