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Hey all!
How ’bout that podcast huh!? :D

You know, I went to mr. tattoo guy to get mah arm inked up yesterday. Little did I know the guy was a friggin MUSICWIZARD, and he showed me this stuff, which of course, I loved. It’s cool right? I CAN imagine their live shows, must be energic!

He made this badass on my arm – amazing no?

Sugar Skull Tattoo

Here’s Balkan Beat Box

Their roots are planted all around the Mediterranean rim and are based in New York. So what genre is this really? Balkan Beat Box really transcend categories (pop, electronic dance music, world, rock) by creating a new breed of 21st century music, deeply connected to their folk upbringing yet forward-thinking, which appeals to audiences across the geographical and stylistic borders. Ragga? Hip Hop? Folk? I don’t even care, it’s so awesome.

You have to check out some more:

Balkan Beat Box

<3 IDA


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